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Since April 2018, Imagine St. Joseph 2040 – launched by the St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce and the United Way of Greater St. Joseph – has engaged more than 1,000 residents who’ve donated almost 2,000 hours to help our community identify its most critical trends and plausible futures.

The outcome of this effort has led us to a plan with the focus of Invest in People, Create a Better Place and Grow Prosperity. The plan itself is action oriented, builds on our community’s strong history of working together and aligns us around ambitious, yet achievable goals that will make St. Joseph a place that people want to be a part of.

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2021 Community Survey

· Only 11 percent of respondents believe our community appearance is excellent, while 63 percent rate us below average or poor

· Community Appearance ranks #4 on issues ranked most important by respondents, behind public safety, jobs and education. Only 6 percent of respondents say its least important

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Invest in People

Our greatest return-on-investment comes from investing in our people. Ensuring that all children are ready to learn, as well as investing in state-of-the-art K-16 education, will cultivate a dynamic next-generation workforce. Providing two-year degrees and certificate programs, as well as four-year and graduate degrees, will enable current and future workers to retool and be prepared for new economy jobs. We will face poverty head-on by addressing the root causes, not just the symptoms. Whether it’s the issue of poverty, mental health or addiction, we will make sure resources and systems are in place that encourage all residents to reach their full potential. Investing in people now, will reap benefits in our future.

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Create a Better Place

In great cities, visitors and residents feel “there’s something exciting going on.” Filling our downtown storefronts, connecting downtown to the riverfront, creating green space and meeting space for festivals and conferences, attracting visitors and residents to a place that defines the heart of St. Joseph. It also means taking pride in what we have, restoring the grandeur of our older neighborhoods, keeping people safe and being willing to invest in new infrastructure and amenities that create a place that attracts and retains people. We will create a place where people choose to be and want to stay.

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Grow Prosperity

Successful cities are prosperous. Residents enjoy a quality of life that comes with good paying jobs and meaningful careers. Prosperity does not just happen, it takes collaboration and leadership. It takes the belief that we can make a difference and that each of us is part of something bigger than ourselves. Vision, leadership and focus will lead us to a prosperous future, but only if we are willing to be better and constantly innovate.

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"Planning for the future is imperative in order for us to have a bright, positive St. Joseph for future generations! We need to consistently be finding ways to improve our community & bringing people together to do so is very beneficial. Failure to prepare is preparing to fail."

- Austin Evans, owner Fit Republic St. Joseph & Lean Kitchen Compan

"In this competitive world, a community and its leadership must be willing to take on the difficult issues, understand and embrace the need for change and make the effort to be better. Doing the same thing will only keep us in the same place."

- R. Patt Lilly, President & CEO, St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce

The St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce and United Way of Greater St. Joseph are leading the way with residents to imagine and plan for our city's future.

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